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DanRad_Lij ~ Evolving Into Each Other. Literally.

Because they ARE starting to look like each other

Dan Radcliffe and Elijah Wood ~ Because We CAN
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This comm is for anybody and everybody who believe Dan Radcliffe and Elijah Wood are slowly evolving into each other. ;D If you ship 'em too, then that's great!!!!! Some of the members here probably do. Much squeeing and perving ensue.

danrad_lij COMM RULES
brought to you by lady_tavington and domluver

1.) Anyone can join, as long as you are open-minded. And have an LJ account, of course.

2.) Fics, pics, icons, graphics, wallpapers, manips, drawings, paintings, essays -wherever your skills are, whatever you do best or whatever it is you like to do for fandom, it's ALL welcome.

3.) All creative ratings (G to NC-17) are welcome, but PLEASE!!!11ONE!!1, if your creation is rated between R to NC, PLEASE!!!11ONE!!1 be sure to include warnings in your posts.

4.) Naturally, everything goes under cuts, and when I say everything, I mean whether it's a fic, a picspam, a single picture, icon spams, WHATEVER, they all go under cuts. (The only exception is single icon posts.) PLEASE include the following in your post OUTSIDE of the cut.
~Title (if applicable)
~Squick or Kink Warnings (if applicable)
~Summary (for fics)
If you want to rec something, go right ahead, but please be sure to include in your posts those things we've listed above. You are free to add anything else you deem necessary to add, but please have ALL of them in your post.

5.) Promotions, affiliation requests, suggestions, violent reactions/greivances and posts of the like ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THIS PARTICULAR COMM. The only exceptions to these rules are those who have already promoted stuff on the comm BEFORE this set of rules was finalized (November 11, 2005, at 11.50am GMT + 8). The mods have created a specific comm to serve a compromise, called drl_mods.
~NO ONE from this comm is allowed to join drl_mods, for the comm was created SPECIFICALLY for your two mods to be able to discuss things ASAP, because we live halfway around the world from each other.
~MOD UPDATES will be posted there, linked in danrad_lij.
~There are specific posts for specific purposes/needs where you can reply. COMMENTING is open to the public.
~Requests for affiliation or promoting things go here
~Suggestions or questions about the comm go here
~Grievances/Violent Reactions/Notification of Leave go here. Comments are screened.

6.) If you haven't yet joined the comm and are one of the following, then please, for the sake of all thigns good and green and blue-eyed, don't waste everyone's time by joining the comm anymore.
~Neither a fan nor a shipper of Dan, Elijah, Dan-Elijah and/or Danlijah
~A Dan fan who doesn't like Elijah
~An Elijah fan who doesn't like Dan
~Thinks we're all craz here, that there's absolutely no resemblance between the two of them, OMG HOW BLIND ARE WE, WE SHOULD HAVE OUR EYES CHECKED AND ADJUSTED WTF
~Just wanna diss us coz you think we're pathetic and you just have nothing better to do

7.) Whenever you come into his comm, leave all BS and hostilities outside. You can pick them back up on your way out, they'll be in a rack just outside the EXIT door, but don't bring them in here, please. if you've got an issue with something or someone within this comm, then tell the mods about it at the greivances post at drl_mods, and we'll see if we can't rectify it. If you feel you have to leave the comm for whatever reason, then you can do so anytime, no one will stop you (WE PROMISE), but at least tell the mods that you are leaving, and why, also at the greivances post. The comments on that post are screened for privacy and decency purposes.

8.) Lastly, and perhaps this is the most important rule, HAVE LOTS OF FREAKING FUN.


AFFILIATES: thehandbasket, danrad_daily, whoredomicons

If you want to affiliate with danrad_lij, then please post a comment here.


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