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DanRad_Lij ~ Evolving Into Each Other. Literally. -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Dan Radcliffe and Elijah Wood ~ Because We CAN

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MOD POST: Comm rules and drl_mods [11 Nov 2005|11:50am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Hello everyone! It's me, lady_tavington, but y'all can just call me Marciana. I'm one of two mods here. I'm a little addicted to mod posts, so you'll have to bear with me.

I've just recently updated our comm's userinfo with the set of rules that domluver (your other mod) and I have agreed upon. We beg you to PLZ PLZ PLZPLZPLZ check them out, because there's some important stuff there. http://www.livejournal.com/community/danrad_lij/info

And I'd also like to point your attention to drl_mods. Let me explain only briefly here, because you'll get a full explanation at the welcome post of drl_mods. This comm was created mainly because domluver and I live halfway around the world from each other. It's something I adopted from a friend of mine, carlya23, with whom I co-mod wotcherwerewolf. There used to be 3 mods for that comm, and now there's 4, and we need to be able to talk. We don't all have AIM or Y!M, so it's a bit hard. I thought we could use it too for the mods of this comm. But there are times that you need to be able to reach the mods, to ask them something or to complain about something or to suggest something. The comm, while with closed membership, has open commenting. We've made specific posts for specific purposes, all of which you will find in the COMM RULES in the userinfo of this comm, and at the comm itself. You're all allowed to comment, but no one is allowed to join. More details at this comm's userinfo, and at drl_mods. The welcome post for drl_mods is here.

Thank you all for your time and attention, and thank you so much for joining the comm! Y'all rock hard!!!!

~Marciana (lady_tavington), Teh One Madam Whore Pervy Fangirl Mod

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Another reason why this comm exists [11 Nov 2005|01:03pm]
[ mood | horny ]

Yes. danrad_lij exists because of pictures like the second one in this picspam post at our newest affiliate, danrad_daily.


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dumdeedum. [11 Nov 2005|10:46pm]
gahhhh. been working my ass on a layout for hours.. still no progress. at least no proper ones. =/ i'm playing with baby blues & cool-looking textures at the moment. still looking for fab pics of dan and lij..

donate pictures for the layout?
send them in to xxhellxx@gmail.com
(very few know of this email so don't spam me!)

hopefully it'll all be done before the next week ends!


just saw a huge bunch of hp4 trailers on mtv. i can NOT wait any longer for the movie to come. i need to see it now!!! daniel, why hath thou forsaken me? ;p

ps: lady_tavington.. love you. i wanna be a mod. think i'll we'll have time despite the upcoming truckload of schoolwork? ahihihi.
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