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DanRad_Lij ~ Evolving Into Each Other. Literally. -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Dan Radcliffe and Elijah Wood ~ Because We CAN

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omfg i am victorious, victorious i tell ya! [13 Nov 2005|01:51am]
it's almost 2 am.. but.. i have to tell something..

it's doneeee. ahahaha.

basically a bunch of image manipulations, the blue because of their eyes, and a bit of text saying "...because they ARE turning into each other"

graphic design by r0ckergirl14
image manipulations by chimerablack
html/coding by nobody YET, but most probably carlya23 =p

so anyone willing to code this, ask moi for the .png version of the image ;)
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Layout ish done. [13 Nov 2005|12:25pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Now, before lady_tavington goes insane and wonders why there's this post here that she didn't make, I shall have to explain. 'Tis I, carlya23, the one HTML Goddess, for all thou coding needs.

I just finished up the coding for the layout, and didn't want y'all to have to wait to see the finished product until lady_tavington and myself were online at the same time again... So (because I am amazing and trustworthy), because I just might happen to know her password, I might have logged into her account and might have put the coding up for y'all to enjoy.

And then, I might be doing this post now to let you all know what's going on...

But then again, I might just be a figment of your imagination.

PS - lady_tavington (and domluver, as I do believe you're a Mod as well? ...And, any others I might have missed), if you need anything changed, please let me know but dropping a line in my LJ...)

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