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MOD POST: First post/Welcome Post

HELLLOOOOO, fellow danrad_lijers!!! (GAWD, that sounds awful!) Welcome to the comm. Yeah, it isn't much yet, but with your help, it soon will be. There are a few things that need to be set first, like the rules. I'll be doing that in the userinfo once the other mod, domluvr, and myself have talked about them. For the moment, anyone who's already in the comm will PLEASE do us a really teensy-tiny little favor....


Please? I mean...I know we're new and all, but I thought we'd probably catch some steam, because there are LOTS of people out there who are LoTR fans and HP fans or Elijah fans and Dan Radcliffe fans at the same time, PLUS Goblet of Fire's coming out, so that should really help, but I'd love it if you could pimp danrad_lij out to your other friends who know what we're talking about. :D

Saying you do help us out with the P.I.M.P.-ing, pls just remember that this isn't strictly a Dan/Lij comm, nor is it strictly a Dan and Elijah comm. The only thing we don't want are Elijah fans who diss Dan, and Dan fans who diss Elijah. K? Fics, icons, wallpapers, graphics, pics, essays and the like are all welcome.

So yeah, I guess that's all there is to say for a while. Thanks for joining the comm, and welcome!

~Marciana (lady_tavington), Teh One Madam Whore Pervy Fangirl Mod
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