welp (empressnerd) wrote in danrad_lij,

A little blurb I saw that you might like...

Radcliffe Enjoying Non-Potter Role
Daniel Radcliffe told AAP that he's enjoying his time in the Australian city Adelaide shooting the December Boys. Dan explained he chose the role because his character is the complete opposite from Harry Potter.

Commenting on a news paper hotline where readers would call giving speculations as to where he was, he said: "I was just really tempted to ring it and see what they did. It's just funny. It's not so much that I think 'oh, why are people doing this' it's just bizarre and strange and funny. I have actually been recognised more as (Lord of the Rings star) Elijah Wood than I have as me, which is a compliment."

Credits: http://www.darkmark.com/c.c?l=home&t=The%20Daily%20Prophet and original article: http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=67099

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